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Murder Cleanup In Charleston

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Our experienced biohazard cleaning crew at Murder Cleanup are fully trained in the cleaning of traumatic scenes caused by suicide, murder, or unattended deaths in Charleston.

Reaching the point where this type of cleaning is needed can be a very stressful experience, because of the need for the professional biohazard remediation company to arrive at the location the scene and begin the cleaning process as soon as possible, which will allow access to the property quickly. Without following this, you run the risk of allowing the contaminated area to spread to other rooms in the home or business, making it extremely dangerous to enter the room before it’s decontaminated.

Murder Cleanup In Charleston understands that this type of cleaning requires experience and compassion. All our cleaning specialists are trained to the highest standards and ensure that discretion and empathy are considered. During this stressful time let Murder Cleanup In Charleston help you! You’ll be glad you did!

Until a tragedy arises, most home and business owners are unfamiliar with the crime and trauma scene remediation industry and the subsequent need for cleaning up after blood and other dangerous bodily fluids. The service of removing the blood and other potentially infectious materials from homes, businesses, industrial sites, automobiles, and even ships and planes is more than you would expect. That’s why we started this company.

People assume that the police or the emergency responders, are responsible for cleaning and sanitizing all scenes including suicides, murders, crime scenes, unattended deaths, and hoarded properties in Charleston, but that is incorrect. It’s not the responsibility of the emergency responders to clean the whole room after a suicide or homicide. They only respond to remove the body, cleaning is not something they are supposed to do. However, after they have finished providing their emergency services, they leave the remaining bodily fluids for the property owner or family to deal with. Homeowners and commercial insurance will pay for fatality clean up services in homes and businesses in Charleston. We work one on one with most insurance companies in the US.

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