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Murder Cleanup Services In Oklahoma City


When dealing with murder scene in a home or business, we are reminded at all times that behind every crime scene there are people who’s lives have been disrupted and who often are dealing with extreme emotional distress over the situation. All of our cleaning efforts are entirely confidential; all personal property is saved and treated respectfully and with dignity. No pictures or reports are ever released to any media organization, crime or investigation team without the written authorization and consent from the legal owner of the property. After a murder has taken place, it’s up to the investigators to release the scene to be decontaminated and restored to its original condition before the incident took place. Sometimes it can be a few hours or several days depending on how much evidence needs to be collected to make a case. After the scene is released then it’s time for the clean up company to arrive and start the cleaning process in Oklahoma City.

Prompt removal of blood and other bodily fluids is required for the safety of other individuals that live at the residence where the murder took place. Followed by cleaning and disinfection of the area contaminated is a good idea and meets occupational health and safety requirements in Oklahoma City. Murder Cleanup Of Oklahoma City has strategies for decontaminating spills of blood and other body substances.

We use unmarked cleaning trucks to maintain confidentiality and will document the work we perform in a detailed report at the completion of each and every job for your records and the insurance company. Murder Cleanup Of Oklahoma City appreciate the nature of our job is often a result of a highly distressing and traumatic time, and offer a sympathetic and compassionate service to families, maintaining our reputable standard of service by offering guidance and support through these difficult times. We believe our customers deserve the highest quality of service provided with dignity and respect.

Forensic investigator working at a crime scene in Oklahoma City.