About Us

About Us

Murder Cleanup is a highly regarded company that accommodates all kinds of crime scene cleanup requirements. We’ve been catering to customers’ in-depth cleanup requirements since our launching back in 2004. We’ve had a tradition of excellence since that time, too. When you need cleanup assistance that’s 100 percent professional, meticulous, safe, and qualified, you need our team. We take homeowners insurance as well.

We take care of you

Our customers are drawn to us for many good reasons. Our staff consists of the most qualified, experienced, and dependable technicians in the business. They have extensive training in the world of cleanup services. They regularly clean up after suicides, homicides, and accidents in general. If you’re looking for professional help for any kind of sensitive cleanup project, you can turn to our staff with complete confidence.

Trauma Scene Remediation

Traumatic and difficult things can happen around the clock. That’s the reason we’re on hand 24 hours a day to assist our customer base. If you need swift and thorough cleanup service at midnight, you can call us to let us know. We go above and beyond to be available to accommodate our customers’ pressing requests regardless of the time. We can help you manage any and all kinds of cleanup emergencies.

Our Company

What exactly is our company’s aim? It’s to provide all of our customers with a trauma cleanup service that’s top of the line. It’s to defend our customers from the diverse dangers that are associated with biohazards. Coming into close contact with blood can subject people to all types of health concerns. Coming into contact with bodily substances of all kinds can be just as risky. If you want to keep possible diseases at bay, then you can put all of your trust in our exhaustive cleanup services. Our technicians have cleaning abilities that are a cut above the rest. They do a lot more than simply clean crime scenes as well. They also thoroughly sanitize them. They even offer meticulous deodorization assistance. Murders and trauma scenes often lead to unpleasant and distinctive odors that are hard to eliminate. Our team members, however, can eliminate them without a problem for you. If you’re searching for a disinfection service that never cuts any corners, our company can cater to you.

Our Cleaning Crew

Our team members put on durable protective attire. They employ cleaning formulas and devices that are advanced, safe, and 100 percent dependable, too. If you see our team members in action, you’ll notice gloves, respirators, masks, and more. That’s how seriously our technicians take safety and protection. They cautiously abide by all sorts of rules and guidelines that pertain to proper biohazard cleanup techniques. If you want more information about our acclaimed cleanup company, give us a call today.


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